Desert Passage – Harwood

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Desert Passage – Harwood / 2010

Desert Passage Exhibition – October 9, 2009 January 24, 2010 – Harwood Museum of Art – Taos, New Mexico USA / Anne Ausloos, Gerco de Ruijter, Jeroen van Westen.

This exhibition has developed after years of work, many trips to New Mexico and an artist-published book also entitled ‘Desert Passage’ that documents the work of each artist and their guide Ton Haak. The goal was to investigate the enormous difference as well as the surprising similarities between the Dutch (wet) lowlands and the New Mexico (dry) high desert. The contrasts between the Dutch polder system and the Hispanic acequia system became subject for each of these artists.

The three artists experiment with land and water each in their own way. While doing so, they create strong images, beautiful sounds, thoughtful observations and fascinating installations. (Ton Haak)

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