Default – Sit and Wander/ 2015

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Default – Sit and Wander/ 2015

“Default taps into the potential of contemporary culture to seek out and experiment with immersive modes of cultural travel and nomadic arts practices. Participants work on site while travelling through Europe along a straight line from North to South: a fold in a map”

(Kümmerly & Frey, Europ Rail map, first edition 2008) (Nadine-Bruxelles)

“What if I would travel the fold itself? The fold in the original map!” The adventures of an armchair traveller.

Theun Karelse, Pacome Béru, Victoria Douka Doukopoulou, Francois Lombarts, Pierre Marchand and Marinus van Dijke stapten op hun vouwfietsen en reisden in drie weken van Torey Island naar Ballymacoda

Organised by Nadine (Bruxelles): The Wandering Arts Biennal

publication DEFAULT : TheFold