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Reconnect Gdansk / 2007

Commisioned by Province of Noord-Holland icw Baltic Sea Cultural Center.

Creative Coasts was a cultural exchange program to provide a view at each others practice for a wide range of art professionals.
Two teams accepted the challenge to help finding new ways to re-connect the fortified old city of Gdansk to modern urban dynamics.

Download the project report Reconnect a contribution to the project with many thanks to the team members.

Carmela Bogman, Aglaee Degros, Ellen Holleman, Alicka Karska, Grzegorz Lechman, Dennis Moet, Lucyna Nyla, Anna Olszewska, Brechtje Schoofs, Jakub Szczepanski, Aleksandra Went, Jeroen van Westen, Bartosz Wysocki.