Inverse II (films)

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Inverse II (films)

“To visit a stepwell is to enter into the earth. One leaves the world’s sense of time and space behind and rediscovers the sky in the infinitely still water at the bottom. It is a transformative experience, difficult for me to explain, but one that has utterly changed my understanding of spatial reality, and thus of myself in the world.”

The video’s are made either by lowering a camera looking horizontally into each floor, or a (waterproof) camera dropped into the well itself from the rim and slowly hauled in.

Links to video’s (on line on Vimeo): Passage 09′:33″ Reflection 02′:09″ Intimate Distance 04′:36″ Inverse 06′:37″ Inner Steps 02′:10″ Inward Out 02′:10″

Thanks to hosts and fellow researchers Parth and Brinda Shah, to Curdin Tones, travel companion and critical reviewer; to Allert van Westen, sound and Raymond Oostenenk, editing support