Follow your nose 2020 ev

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Follow your nose

The project Follow your Nose in the Alpine landscape is first of all about learning how to discover the landscape as a dynamic smellscape. The landscape is an olfactory panorama where smells originate, refresh, and follow the rhythm of the day, the seasons, the life cycles of plants and animals. We can use our nose to orient us in those micro smellscapes and train our noses to smell on ‘deeper’ levels. But are these scents in the landscape there to address our human noses? Do flowers smell for our sake? Essential oils are a plant’s defense system against insects. The pollen’s sweetness aims at attracting insects. By becoming more sensitive towards our sense of smelling in the landscape, the project creates awareness that by smelling we tap into the communication and interaction of other species.

for: Somalgors74 (, Tschlin, Switzerland

in collaboration with: Karina Hendriks and Thea van der Geest